Decorative Board

Decorative board by Tesrol serves as a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. Drawing inspiration from the contemporary aesthetics emanating from Europe, this collection encapsulates the cutting-edge trends in design and architecture that the continent is renowned for.

The offerings within this collection present you with an exclusive opportunity to infuse your spaces with timeless beauty and enduring elegance. Whether for residential or commercial applications, our decorative board range harmoniously aligns with your kitchen and cabinetry needs.

Crafted in-house with meticulous attention, our decorative board range seamlessly integrates the highest quality materials sourced from Europe and Australia. This fusion of quality ensures a superior final product that aligns with our unwavering standards. Our range encompasses an array of distinctive finishes, including Likewood 2D+, Superclean, PureGloss, and PureMatt. These finishes are available in two versatile formats: cut and edge, expertly supplied by Tesrol, or full-sized sheets primed for your cabinetmaker’s expertise.

In sum, Tesrol’s decorative board range is not just a product range but a reflection of our commitment to delivering excellence. It empowers you to bring the essence of European contemporary design to your spaces, all while ensuring the utmost quality and innovation that Tesrol is synonymous with.

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Cut & Edge

Tesrol’s cut and edge service offers the convenience of precise customization, ensuring that decorative boards are tailored to your specifications with expert precision.

Handleless Pull

Introducing the bevelled-edge door, this particular finish presents a seamless and clutter-free aesthetic suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and other cabinetry. Crafted to meticulous Tesrol standards.