LikeWood 2D+

Likewood 2D+ emerges as the ideal substitute for solid timber and timber veneer doors, encapsulating the allure of natural wood with a remarkable uniformity of grain features and colour. This Olefin film-based solution avoids the use of PVC and boasts an Electron Beam (EB) clear cured surface. The application of clear-coated EB surface technology significantly enhances the product’s resilience and longevity, rendering it suitable for an array of interior applications.

From kitchen doors to wardrobes, home furniture to office fit-outs, commercial installations to hotels, and even acoustic panels, Likewood 2D+ casts a wide net of possibilities for various applications. This versatile solution enables you to explore an extensive range of design and functional options, all while upholding the hallmark Tesrol standards of quality.

Here are some key points to delve deeper into the features and benefits of Likewood 2D+:

  • Appearance and Consistency: Likewood 2D+ is designed to replicate the appearance and consistency of natural timber. It captures the grain features and uniform colour that are characteristic of timber, ensuring a realistic and visually pleasing aesthetic.
  • Electron Beam (EB) Clear Cured Surface: The incorporation of Electron Beam (EB) clear cured surface technology enhances the durability and wearability of Likewood 2D+. This advanced surface treatment increases its resistance to wear, scratches, and other forms of damage, ensuring a longer lifespan and maintaining its pristine appearance.
  • Versatility in Applications: Likewood 2D+ finds its place across a broad spectrum of interior applications. From kitchens to wardrobes, home furniture to office and commercial fit-outs, as well as hotels and acoustic panels, the versatility of Likewood 2D+ opens up numerous possibilities for design and functional integration.
  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Each product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest Tesrol standards, ensuring that it not only replicates the look of timber but also lives up to the quality associated with the Tesrol brand.
  • Innovative Solutions: Likewood 2D+ represents an innovative solution that combines the allure of timber with modern technology. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of timber aesthetics without compromising on durability or environmental considerations.

Colour Range

Explore our extensive range of LikeWood 2D+ finishes. Experience the finishes firsthand by ordering a complimentary sample delivered straight to your door.

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LikeWood 2D+ Frequently Asked Questions:

What warranty is offered on your LikeWood 2D+ range?

When installed in a residential application our LikeWood 2D+ range comes with a 7 year warranty on all purchases. When used in a commercial application this warranty is 1 year. Click here for more information.

How do I care for my LikeWood 2D+ doors & panels?

LikeWood 2D+ products are best kept clean using a mild household cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not use household cleaners containing Abrasives, Ammonia, Acetone or solvent based.

LikeWood 2D+ compared to timber doors or timber veneer doors are much more low maintenance and do not require refinishing or resealing. 

What direction do your woodgrain products run?

LikeWood 2D+ woodgrain products always run vertically. We do offer a horizontal grain to suit your needs. However, this must be clearly stated when ordering.

What is the maximum size available in Likewood 2D?

Various sizes are available subject to quantity & availability of board sizes.

Do you supply matching laminates for bench tops?

No, LikeWood 2D+ does not have matching laminates for Benchtops.

Is this product suitable for outdoor usage?

No, it is recommended for interior joinery only such as kitchen doors, wardrobes, vanities, offices and commercial joinery. 

Is LikeWood 2D+ suitable for horizontal application?

LikeWood 2D+ is a decorative surface, it is not recommended for use as a horizontal application in kitchens or high-traffic areas. However, in low-traffic area such as wardrobe internals or some office furniture, it is possible to use LikeWood 2D+ horizontally.

What is the difference between your board and, cut and edge offer?

Board is supplied in a sheet form for the cabinet maker to cut into doors, Cut & Edge offer is where Tesrol cut to size, and edge the doors, as per customers requirements.