Vacuum Formed

Exploring our selection of vacuum formed doors unveils a myriad of contemporary designs, colours, and edge profiles, catering to your diverse preferences. These doors are obtainable with face routered designs or a sleek plain finish, accompanied by an assortment of edge profiles and colours, bestowing you with a wealth of choices for your upcoming residential or commercial cabinetry endeavor. Suitable for a range of applications including kitchens, offices, vanities, shop fittings, and beyond, Tesrol’s vacuum formed doors stand as a guaranteed means to infuse your forthcoming cabinetry project with sophistication and elegance.

Tesrol has earned a distinguished reputation for delivering vacuum-formed doors of unparalleled quality and exacting standards. With over two decades of expertise, we bring to the table integrity, profound knowledge, and a wealth of experience in the fabrication of vacuum-formed doors. Our legacy is rooted in the use of cutting-edge technology and a deep commitment to precision in our manufacturing processes.

Our vacuum-formed doors are meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art machinery sourced from Germany. We adhere to the highest industry standards by employing premium materials, a practice that resonates with our brand ethos. This devotion to excellence ensures that each finished product reflects the core values that define Tesrol.
Whether it’s for a kitchen or another setting, choosing a vacuum-formed door from Tesrol ensures you’re making a trusted investment. As a testament to our confidence in the quality we deliver, our vacuum-formed doors are backed by a comprehensive seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Highlighting the key features of our Vacuum Formed doors:

  • Versatility: Our vacuum-formed doors find application across a diverse range of household and commercial contexts, including kitchens, office furniture, wall cladding, and wardrobe doors.
  • Easy Maintenance: Their finish ensures effortless cleaning and upkeep, promoting convenience.
  • Extensive Colour and Finish Range: We offer an extensive selection of colours and finishes, allowing for customization to match various design aesthetics.
  • Durability: The doors are engineered to be highly resilient and resistant to wear, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
  • European Craftsmanship, Australian Manufacturing: Our products combine the best of European quality with the precision of Australian manufacturing.
  • Warranty: The reliability of our vacuum-formed doors is underscored by our seven-year manufacturer’s warranty, a testament to their enduring quality.

Door Designs

Explore our extensive collection of routered doors tailored to complement your upcoming project. Our diverse range encompasses an array of designs and edge profiles, catering to a multitude of styles.

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Colour Range

Explore our extensive range of colours, offered in a variety of finishes and shades. Experience the hues firsthand by ordering a complimentary sample delivered straight to your door.

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Vacuum Formed Frequently Asked Questions:

What warranty is offered on your vacuum formed range?

When installed in a residential application our Vacuum Formed range comes with a 7 year warranty on all purchases. When used in a commercial application this warranty is 1 year. Click here for more information.

How do I care for my vacuum formed doors & panels?

Vacuum Formed products are best kept clean using a mild household cleaner diluted in water and a soft cleaning cloth.

What direction do your woodgrain products run?

Vacuum Formed wood-grain or timber-grain products always run vertically. We do offer a horizontal grain to suit your needs if required, however, this must be clearly stated when ordering and incurs an additional surcharge.

What finishes do you offer in vacuum formed?

Tesrol offer the following finishes in our Vacuum Formed (laminated door or thermoformed door) range:

  • Texture
  • Printed
  • Matt
  • Matt Zero
  • Supermatt
  • Suedette
  • Gloss
Where do you source your vinyl/foil from?

Tesrol source their thermoplastic (laminates) finishes from only the most reputable suppliers in Europe and Japan. This ensures that finishes are second-to-none, and you are given quality products without compromise.

What is the maximum size available in vacuum formed?

3400mm in Length x 1100 in Width

What thicknesses are available in vacuum formed?

The following thickness are available in our vacuum formed range:

  • 16mm 
  • 18mm
  • 21mm
  • 25mm
  • 32mm
Are vacuum formed panels suitable for horizontal application?

Vacuum formed doors are suitable for a range of vertical applications and are suitable for commercial or residential projects, including but not limited to kitchens, offices, wardrobes, vanities, commercial fit-outs, and more. They are not recommended for use in horizontal applications.