PureMatt, an embodiment of Tesrol’s commitment to innovation and excellence, stands as a pinnacle in surface technology, offering a clean and sophisticated aesthetic that complements a variety of design styles. Crafted with advanced raw acrylic materials sourced from Europe and exclusively manufactured in Australia, PureMatt stands as a testament to Tesrol’s commitment to delivering top-tier products.

Its UV and color fade protection, easy maintenance, and extensive palette of modern, professional colors make it an exceptional choice for elevating any interior space with a refined touch.

. The characteristics of it includeL

  • Ultra-Smooth Matte Finish: PureMatt’s defining characteristic is its ultra-smooth matte finish. This surface exudes a soft and refined visual appeal, free from the glare of excessive shine, creating a harmonious and serene atmosphere.
  • Sensory Delight: Beyond its visual charm, it provides a delightful tactile experience. Its velvety touch engages the senses, conveying a sense of luxury and refinement that elevates any interior space.
  • Versatility of Application: It is an incredibly versatile finish that seamlessly adapts to a myriad of settings. From kitchen cabinetry to furniture pieces, office interiors to commercial spaces, its adaptability knows no bounds.
  • Minimalist Sophistication: The understated beauty of PureMatt encapsulates minimalist sophistication. Its clean lines and muted sheen embody modern aesthetics, offering a canvas that allows other design elements to shine.
  • Timeless Elegance: PureMatt’s timeless quality ensures that it remains relevant across changing trends. Its enduring appeal guarantees that your space retains its charm for years to come.
  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Tesrol’s unwavering commitment to quality is imprinted in every PureMatt finish. Meticulously crafted and meticulously inspected.

Colour Range

Explore our extensive range of PureMatt colours. Experience the hues firsthand by ordering a complimentary sample delivered straight to your door.

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PureMatt Frequently Asked Questions:

What warranty is offered on your PureMatt range?

When installed in a residential application our PureMatt range comes with a 7 year warranty on all purchases. Click here for more information.

How do I care for my PureGloss doors & panels?

PureMatt products are best kept clean using a mild household cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not use household cleaners containing Abrasives, Ammonia, Acetone or solvent based.

What is the maximum size available in PureGloss?

2400mm x 1200mm in all colours. 

Is PureGloss available in thicknesses other than 18mm?

It is available in thicknesses other than 18mm and is subject to availability.

Is this product suitable for outdoor usage?

No, it is recommended for interior joinery only such as kitchen doors, wardrobes, vanities, offices and commercial joinery. 

What is the difference between your board and, cut and edge offer?

Board is supplied in a sheet form for the cabinet maker to cut into doors, Cut & Edge offer is where Tesrol cut to size, and edge the doors, as per customers requirements.

Can you do glass frames out of PureMatt?

Yes, it is possible to do glass frames using our PureMatt product. 

Am I able to purchase the 1mm acrylic sheeting?

Yes, we are able to supply the 1mm sheet if required.

Can I order a roller shutter in PureMatt?

Yes, we are able to supply a roller shutter in PureMatt.

Is PureMloss available in a woodgrain print?

No. PureMatt in available in solid colours only.